We have found that a number of antique dealers whilst expert in their chosen fields might lack the computing skills necessary to present their items attractively on the internet.

We offer a range of services most of which are free to you - the dealer.

Our standard package is where you take decent quality photographic images, (preferably digital), measure and weigh your item, describe it fully and provide all of this to us together with the minimum price that you would be willing to accept for it.

We then list it as appropriate across one, some or all of our sales venues;

You continue to offer your item to the buying public via the physical venues that you currently employ, letting us know as soon as you have made a sale so that we can remove the item from view.

We add our commission on to the sale price before accepting an offer from our customer. If you are equipped to package and ship items yourself then that it fine. If not, we can handle all of those aspects if you can get the items to us, (South Cheshire).

A few examples of items offered for sale by our clients are given below

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