As an auction house, you know all about antiques, but might not be all that expert on computers, publishing information and catalogues to the internet and so on.

If you provide us with your auction catalogue typed up in Microsoft Word compatible format, we will publish and promote it for you free of charge. We will also include your contact details and marketing information, (to be provided by you), Should you wish to, we will also publish the hammer prices after the auction has ended.

Why are we doing this free? We have many thousands of UK and international visitors to our sites every day, but we always look for more. By making our site more informative we hope to attract more customers and clients.

If you would like to see how your catalogue would look on-line, please send us an example list together with your logo, contact information and brief marketing details, (e.g. if you are expert in any particular fields).

To register your interest, please complete the form here, email or telephone us.

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