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A collection of factory stamps - bought by us to stop them falling into the wrong hands where counterfeits may have made it onto the market.
Our ex Royal Doulton restorer Peter came across this collection whilst out and about in the Potteries. They had just been bought at auction and when he mentioned them to us, we immediately offered to buy them in order to keep them off the market.

Whilst some are from defunct minor tableware manufacturers of little or no value other than of historic interest, there are many from important factories such as Wedgwood, Royal Doulton, Coalport and Aynsley. Susie Cooper and Wade also make an appearance.

There are some 80 individual stamps in the collection - mainly brass with a few rubber ones.

If you come across any stamps for sale in your travels, please let us know and we will work with you to try to minimise the ever increasing number of forgeries coming on to the market.


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