This section of our site is designed to be informative - to help you discover more about your cherished items and with a liberal sprinkling of links to other sites that might interest you.

The first step in identifying your piece of pottery or porcelain, (and possibly glass), is to carefully examine its underside for any identifying mark - printed, hand painted or impressed, and the rest of it for any signatures if it is hand painted.

Impressed marks can be very difficult to make out - try taking the piece outside, (natural light is better than tungsten), or use a piece of blue-tack or similar to create a 'negative'.

We regret that we are no longer able to provide free valuations or research. Please click here for details on our limited and chargeable identification and valuation services.

We have a number of pages dedicated to help you in your research;

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Scenes from the Potteries in the 1800s. The air may be cleaner, but the area is a sad site now with virtually all of the once powerful factories of the Staffordshire Potteries closed down and their production moved to the Far East



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