As an established house clearance firm, you may already have investigated and tested every route to market for the items that you acquire. The larger items you probably send to traditional auction or you might have your own outlets or tame antique dealers. The internet is the gateway to millions of potential customers and this is where we make 90% of our sales.

For the smaller, easy to post articles that you come across, you might have tried a few on eBay - a venue that used to be good for achieving fair prices for both sellers and buyers, but of late has lost most of its lustre and a fair number of its honest and professional sellers.

We can list across a number of platforms on your behalf, agreeing a profit split prior to us processing your items.

Sales venues include the following

We have a professional studio set up so that we can present your articles in the best manner. Our packing department employs skilled staff and uses new packing materials such as bubblewrap to ensure that the items arrive in superb condition.

We have large storage facilities but prefer to concentrate on easy to post items that weigh, in general, less than 2Kgs packaged.

To register your interest, please complete the form here, email or telephone us.

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