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Here is an ever growing collection of links that we hope you will find interesting. If you have any suggestions for other useful links, please email us or complete this form.
For collectors of spoons http://www.spooncollectors.com/
Beswick collectors http://www.allthingsbeswick.co.uk/


Collectors forums http://forums.collectors.com/
Record collectors http://www.discogs.com/forums/board?forum_id=120
Militaria collectors network http://www.milcol.net/forum/index.php?act=home
Coin collectors http://www.coinpeople.com/


For book collectors http://www.inprint.co.uk/thebookguide/links/news_groups.shtml
Superb site on the Potteries http://www.thepotteries.org/pottery.htm
Information on famous potters http://www.thepotteries.org/potters/index.htm
List of antiques centres in the United Kingdom http://www.bbc.co.uk/antiques/local_to_you/centre_all.shtml
Auctions and fairs in your area http://www.bbc.co.uk/antiques/local_to_you/
Books for antique collectors http://www.antiquecollector.uk.com/ACbooks.htm
Glossary of antique terms http://www.antiquecollector.uk.com/meanings.htm
History of the Potteries http://www.ceramicstoday.com/articles/staffordshire.htm
Specialist Auctions http://www.specialistauctions.com