Artist profile & ethos

After studying 4 years in graphic design & visual communication to degree level, I
worked as studio artist & creative designer in various agencies in Lancashire where
I gained essential experience & knowledge of design principals and developed
my skills and personal style. I chose to go freelance (working in the advertising &
marketing industries) after several years to enable me to raise a family & continue
my creative journey. This is my greatest achievement.

I discovered a love of large-scale colour & texture through my early sign design
& illustration commissions. I have experimented with many forms of art medium
& prefer mixed medium as I never do as “one should” & love to mix oil & water
texture & scale. I question everything & challenge everything, including myself.

I am compelled to create original wall art which I produce in my garage. A space
which reflects my art: raw, uncontrived, honest. Art is my religion & my therapy &
very personal. It is evolving daily with a force all of its own. I try not to analyze it
too deeply as it must not be restricted or compartmentalized. It just is.

I never try and justify why I paint, just wonder why some people don’t. My art is
freedom. The viewer will inevitably come to their own conclusions. You either get
it or you don’t. The colour surrounding my work is as just important to the final
effect so I usually exhibit in large, light spaces with pale or rustic walls. Each piece
dominates a wall, evoking many varied senses.

Texture is there to add intrigue and gives a tactile, physical element. My work is
highly varnished so people can enjoy touching the canvas, becoming almost

My favourite artists are: my children, Francis Bacon, Rothko, Pollock... they all dare
to be themselves and are not stifled by fashion or politics.

Joey Parkin.

A selection of sold pictures:


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About Joey Parkin
Joey Parkin