Wedgwood Wellesley

Spode Balmoral


Royal Tuscan Raindrop



Colclough Ivy leaf



Noritake Legendary



Royal Worcester Devonshire



Aynsley Gretna Olive Green



Noritake Green Icicle



Fenton Silvercrest



Myott Camilla



Wedgwood Grand Tour Collection

British Museum Can & Saucer


Royal Doulton Morning Star



Artimino Ciao Harlequin



Paragon Grandmas Roses Tea Set



Libery Zebak



Royal Doulton Sunburst



Duchess Winchester



Royal Standard Lady Jane



Spode Noble Horse

Susie Whitcombe New Years Day


Royal Doulton V1725



Villeroy & Boch Manoir



Wedgwood Susie Cooper



Midwinter Stylecraft

Staffordshire Fashion

Shape 5-63

Bawo & Dotter Elite Works



Fine China Of Japan

Platinum Rose


Wedgwood Aztec



M & S Autumn Leaves

M & S Harvest


Wood & Sons Alpine Meadow



Denby Romany



Susie Cooper Meadow Sweet



Royal Doulton Counterpoint



Johnson Brothers Petite Fleur



Sebring Gladiola



Noritake Savannah



Aynsley Gretna Olive Green



Fenton Silvercrest



Copeland Spode Rose

Spode Copeland Rose


John Tams Rock Garden

cups saucers tea plates sugar

bowl replacements

Royal Doulton York Pattern

Dinner Plate x 1


Taylor & Kent pattern 6216



Noritake soup bowl

Esmeralda 5899


Grindley Marlborough Penrose

1 Gravy Boat and large meat


Midwinter Greenleaves dinner



Queens Rosina China

Flower of Amaran

saucer only

Spode Gloucester Blue

2 cream soup bowls

2 cereal or soup bowls

Colclough 4534 dinner plates

cups saucers and beakers


Minton figurine Shiek

Already has spellbound

white figurine with copper

Shore & Coggins Doris



Royal Albert Heirloom salt

and pepper


Coalport Forest Green

3 x dinner plates prior 1926


Vendome Porcelain

Priscilla - missing pieces in


Burgess & Leigh Sandon Side Pl

Sandon Side Plates 4 1/2"?


Minton Mirabieu

1 x teacup only


Royal Doulton Juno

Vegetable Tureen lid


Minton Aragon saucer x 1




Studio-linie Yang   13cm tall

small milk jug like cardboard

Heinrich Villeroy & Boch

Facette Rouge

3 saucers 14/2 cm


Green Velvet

Any pieces

Royal Doulton

Pastorale Teapot lid



Erika USA backstamp

Any pieces

Royal Doulton

Albany 1986

2 x soup or cereal bowls

Royal Doulton


Various items

Johnson Brothers


cups and saucers x 8


Blue Chelsea


Royal Cauldon

Hunt Black

Pieces in general


Midnight Mist


Fenton Slowe

teacups and saucers

Johann Haviland Bavaria

Royal Doulton



Royal Crown Derby

Devonshire xv11


Royal Albert

Sugar Bowl

Unknown pattern


Pink Camilla

12" open dish

Denby Imperial Blue item 1

Denby Regatta item 2

Denby Harlequin item 3


Agean L5587

add 4 sets

Royal Doulton


Soup Plate



Teapot, covered casserole dish


6677 has 1 dinner plate

6 side plates, 5 cups

Leonardo Collection

Crisalis collection Christine

Howarth Wants Waiting

Johnson Brothers

Birds of Paradise

Dinner plates


Agean L5587

Wants to add 4 sets


Marlborough Spray

Milk Jug for tea 1/2 pint



Tankard shaped mugs

Royal Tuscan


To complete china set

Royal Doulton


Salt and pepper pots

Royal Copenhagen for sale

Brown Rose RC 688


R H Macy's

Holly pattern 6283

Christmas china

Johnson Brothers by Boots


mugs and bowls

Noritake by Debenhams

Marlfield pink lilies

4 x 10.5" dinner plates c1990

Aynsley Little Sweetheart

Table Lamp




Teacup & Saucer

Yamazki stainless flatware

sea shells

8 place settings &

Royal Worcester

Royal Garden

Soup Plates

Rose China


Replacement of all pieces


Holiday Splender




Teapot lid only

Royal Albert

Woman of the Century

Availability and price


Spring Flower

broken plate, serving bowl, soup bowl

Royal Stafford

Tulipa blue trim

Number of items

Dorothy Doughty

Paradise Wydah, Bluetits and Witch Hazel

Mountain Bluebird and pine, Cerulean Warblers

Royal Albert


Fluted serving bowl


Garden Pinks S569

General interest

Wood and Sons

Lima Brown

Full dinner setting

Franciscan Pottery

Large Fruit



Plate 12" 24k gold rim, floral border and centre


Royal Worcester

Bernina medium plate



Marlow S309

Breakfast cup 3.75" diameter


Stonehenge Beige Mist

5 bread and butter plates & one small creamer



saucer only


Chelsea Wicker


Poole Country Lane

Teapot cups salt cellar sugar bowl

more bowls adding to standard set

Royal Albion Sandon

Teapot, creamer, sugar bowl

other pieces as spares

Royal Worcester

Malvern Classic White

1 replacement tea cup

Aynsley Belmont 129 smooth

single tea/coffee cup 3 1/4 " diam not footed


Royal Worcester

Noahs Ark cup only



Global Amici

18" platter, item number 4AC014

David Winter

There was a crooked house


Boots orchard lidded butter dish



Wedgwood Ascot Gold

Dining plates, but anything


Midwinter Zambesi milk and sugar

OK for retail price


Lenox Collectable Plate

Golden Splendor


Amstel Brewery china horses head about 1 foot in height



Stevens and Williams cut and engraved glass cut

to clear pieces. Also books on


J & G Meakin sol florida reg no 391413

1 tea cup, 6 coffee cups, four coffee saucers, one

tea plate

Lenox Hayworth napkin rings

Waterford Colleen in highball glasses or water glasses

anything else

Hartstone Christmas Traditions

Any pieces


Bradford Exchange 08-D52-056.3

Third issue Hockey's Little Hereos by Stewart Sherwood


Villeroy & Boch Granada

Deep red black around the edges

Dinner plates & bread and butter plates



teapot, milk jug and sugar bowl

Pendelfin Carol red coat and hat

holding a book and singing


Harmony House

Mount Vernon

Cups and saucers

Johnson Brothers

Marie - 6 person teapot

and a medium 2-3 persons teapot

Minton H3610

General replacement


Sango Carousel

Dinner Plate to complete 8 piece setting


Compton & Woodhouse - full set

Alice, Elizabeth, Hannah, Sophie, Sarah & Charlotte

Issue number less than 1684 if possible

David Winter Christmas Piece

Sculptures - set of 3 santa coming down the chimney


Wood and Sons

Salad days

more dinner service

Spode Chinese Rose

teapot lid, but possibly the whole teapot


Tirschenreuth baronesse blue

Dinner plates, soup bowls, soup cups, dessert plates

mug royal albert tricky tricksters

send in the clowns series 1984

meat pie ashet, deep with a rim for the pastry



Royal Cauldon

Clairde Lune 1359

Teapot replacement

Royal Doulton

Carlyle serving pieces


Laura Ashley Mugs

Cressida - between 1 and 8


Wedgwood Campian mug



Winter Home Collectors Plate

Plate no 2093 Franklin Mint


Tumblers Thomas Webb Wellington whisky glasses

Purchased Susie Cooper Keystone teapot



Desenhos de dolls


Royal Doulton Juno

Mugs and dinner plates


Minton B357 B390 B395 B396 B397 3969 5894

Minton 84P 96 104 107 121B C639T 2643 2848

Minton Green Chinese Chippendale

James Kent Hydrangea Teapot



J & G Meakin Studio Applewood



K & Co dinner service Chester

Looking for soup dishes


Franklin Mint plate


Free as the Wind

Woods ware Wood and Sons

Flora under glase hand coloured

Looking to add to

Stonehenge Midwinter Summer

dinner plates, salad plates, cereal bowls

may want additional pieces

Royal Worcester

Mikado vegetable serving dish with lid

and milk jug

plate setting for something blue china




Monbijou classic rose

2 or 4 dinner plates white with silver rim

Myott Royal Mail

RED tea cups x 6


Doll feather hat and blue eyes c1889



Collingwood coffee saucer picture in my ebay



Wedgwood Etrura Fallow Deer in brown

Interested in any pieces


Lenox Solitaire Ivory



Royal Worcester 1988 Summerfield Collection



Royal Doulton V1618 Barry

General replacements


Royal Grafton

Summer Wine

Coffee Cup and dinner plate

Discover Canada plate series After The Bath



Stonehenge Moon, 3 soup bowls and 3 dessert bowls



Wedgwood Charisma by Susie Cooper

Dinner Service items


Losol Ware Keeling Adam pattern



Royal Worcester Forget me Not



Minton Vermont S365

Tea Set


Royal Doulton D1575, dinner plate, also other items



Blue Nordic, lid for a serving bowl dinner service piece



Royal Doulton

Meadow Mist, general


Lenox Tosca, 10.5 inch dinner plate



Spode Victoria, any stock



Royal Albert Belinda dinner plates x 2



Noritake Bateman



Noritake New Decade Café du Soir

Dinner plates, cereal and soup plates

Salad and dessert plates

Crown Derby Posies

Miniature cup and saucer  (Helen)


Wedgwood Hathaway Rose lid for tureen

lid for sugar bowl


Villeroy and Boch

Jade large rimmed soup or dessert bowls

4-6 and 7" side plate x 1

Losol Ware



Royal Albert Travellers Joy

Has 6 trios - wants to add to collection


Porcelain dolls or figurines. Has Louise, Michelle, Margaret

or the Bride, Must be Royal Doulton


Wedgwood Kutani Crane

Dinner plates 4-6, salad plates 4-6, bread butter plates 4-6,

oatmeal plates not footed 4-6, cups and saucers 4-6

Commemorative cup from Royal Worcester 2001 collection

25th Anniversary of Royal Worcester 1751-2001

black and gold like a backgammon board, crescent

Royal Albert Petit Point Sugar Bowl

Wedgwood glen mist milk jug, 3 coffee cups & saucers

Susie Cooper Talisman teapot. Lives in Moulton

Johnson Brothers Meadow Brook

plates, cereal bowls, cups, jug


Susie Cooper Charisma 4 x dinner plates



Johnson Brothers Moonglade

0.15L cups and saucers x 4, storage jars - coffee, tea, sugar

Herb pots set of 4

Country Life Meakin

1 cup


Susie Cooper Glen Mist - saucer or gravy boat with or

without saucer


Royal Osborne H1575V generally replacement pieces



Royal Doulton English Rose D6071

1 Dinner Plate


Royal Doulton



Villeroy & Boch sienna, have 8 place setting but ideally

need another 4


Springfield Country Roses

sucriere and creamer


Royal Albert 8609

Japonica, general pieces


designers of the 50s or 60s, susie cooper, jessie tait,

terence conran - expensive, collecting only Carlton

Ware, Orbit and Windswept, likes Andrew Colledge's designs

Johnson Brothers

Golden Pears pattern number A46002

dinner and side plates

Older Peter Rabbit pieces, looking for smaller jug. Also

interested in Beatrix Potter Grimwades china


Limoges-Bernardaud-Winton, replacement dishes



Thomas Rosenthal Loft, dinner plates, round bowls



Johnson Brothers

Sonata collection


Wood & Sons

Jacks Farm cereal Bowls and side Plates


1956 and 1959 Royal Copenhagen Christmas Plates

Bought 1967 from us


Lena Liu Floral Cameos - looking for plates in this pattern



Denby Daybreak - bought plates

But still looking for 2 more desert or salad plates,

and a covered sugar bowl or open one

Paragon Kensington

Vegetable Tureen


Royal Doulton Valentine's plate for 1974 and 1975



Johnson Brothers or other

Willow, Butter Dish


Castagna Western sculpture Annie Oakley 197 for

a friend


Johnson Brothers




Romanze in Weiss

Dinner Plates

Royal Doulton Compton Woodhouse Chloe 4201A



Colclough Braganza, sauce boat of gravy boat

Has undersaucer


Johnson Brothers Cotswold, just started collecting



Mikasa Millefleur dinnerware cups or cups and saucers



Royal Tuscan Isis



Johnson Brothers Marie, one saucer



Royal Worcester mug Friday's child

daughter broken hers


Paragon Tapestry Rose White, 10.5" dinner plates



Winsome large teapot lid or a small teapot with no lid



Tiffany & Co plate by Johnson Brothers

Wild Flowers Wild Rose - one of the set of 6

is smashed.

Royal Albert Brigadoon 2 pint teapot and/or lid



Royal Albert Enchantment teapot - just started to collect this pattern



Shelley Bridal Rose Dainty Shape Loop Handle items



Royal Cauldon Blue Scroll breakfast cup and saucer

and plates


Royal doulton meridian pieces



Royal Standard Carnival teapot




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