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iAuctionShop to donate backstamp collection to the Wedgwood Museum

SANDBACH, CHESHIRE, UK / Dec 8 2006. iAuctionShop, having located a large number of impression and printing stamps and bought them to keep them from the forgery market is to donate them to the Wedgwood Museum, Barlaston, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.

iAuctionShop Ltd (trading as Rebecca & Simonís Antiques and Collectables) of Cheshire, UK is to donate its collection of factory backstamps to the Wedgwood Museum. A senior executive from Wedgwood contacted iAuctionShop Director Simon Russell after hearing an interview given by him on BBC radio.

Agreement was made between the Wedgwood executive, Gaye Blake Roberts, Director of the Wedgwood Museum Trust and Simon Russell that a presentation ceremony will be conducted at the Museum before Christmas this year. The press and BBC radio will be present.

The backstamps will form part of a specific display in the Museum when it reopens after a £7.5 million refurbishment. One backstamp appears to date from the Second World War and is marked Export Reject. During World War II, pottery and porcelain manufacturers were banned from producing decorative items for the domestic market.

The original press release detailing the initial purchase of the backstamps can be found here. For further information on the backstamps themselves, click here.

iAuctionShop Ltd trades as R & S Collectables listing about 5,000 product lines across several internet sales venues;





As well as selling its own stock, iAuctionShop markets items on behalf of clients. Notable recent results include a solid gold Faberge vesta for £6,200.

Simon Russell / Director / 8 December 2006 / Cheshire, UK


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