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iAuctionShop acts to protect pottery market from possibility of fakes

SANDBACH, CHESHIRE, UK / Nov 15 2006. iAuctionShop locates over eighty impression and printing stamps from major and minor Staffordshire pottery factories and buys them to remove them from the marketplace.

iAuctionShop Ltd (trading as Rebecca & Simonís Antiques and Collectables) of Cheshire, UK acted swiftly when they heard about the availability of a cache of ex Staffordshire pottery factory backstamps. About 80 stamps are in the cache from manufacturers such as Aynsley, Coalport, Royal Doulton, Susie Cooper, Wade, Wedgwood, the Wedgwood Collectors Club together with a large number of smaller factory marks.

Concerned with the ever increasing number of fakes and forgeries appearing on major on-line auction sites as well as at traditional auction, iAuctionShop immediately offered to buy them at an inflated price aiming to protect the marketplace.

Photographic images and further details are available at http://www.rscollect.co.uk/backstamp%20collection.htm.

As large suppliers of pottery and porcelain figures, iAuctionShop along with other dealers has become concerned at the rise in fake Beswick, Doulton and Worcester figures in particular finding their way from the Far East to western markets. The effect has been to dent buyer confidence and to drive prices for genuine pieces down. The stamps are being stored in a secure location but are available for inspection by appointment. iAuctionShop Ltd trades as R & S Collectables listing about 5,000 product lines across several internet sales venues;





As well as selling its own stock, iAuctionShop markets items on behalf of clients. Notable recent results include a solid gold Faberge vesta for £6,200.

Simon Russell / Director / 15 November 2006 / Cheshire, UK


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