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iAuctionShop offers tax free shopping to customers outside the EU

SANDBACH, CHESHIRE, UK / Nov 17 2006. iAuctionShop can now offer tax free shopping and shipping to all customers outside the European Union.

iAuctionShop trading as R & S Collectables can now offer tax free sales and shipping to all of its Customers outside the European union. This is due to a change in iAuctionShop Ltd’s taxation status. The immediate effect is an automatic cost reduction to the buyer of about 10%.

A change to iAuctionShop Ltd’s Value Added Taxation status enables a tax rebate equivalent to about 10% of the total order value for all purchases made from and delivered to an address outside the European Union, (for example the United States, Australia, Switzerland, South America and the Far East). Since iAuctionShop’s published prices include tax, sales to an EU based company or VAT registered individual will be able to reclaim the VAT element. iAuctionShop asks that the customer in this case provides their valid EU Tax ID at the point of purchase.

iAuctionShop accepts all major types of payment including credit and debit cards, PayPal, direct transfer, GBP cheques etc.

iAuctionShop Ltd trades as R & S Collectables listing about 5,000 product lines - mainly in the antiques, collectables and replacement tableware marketplaces, listing across several internet sales venues;





As well as selling its own stock, iAuctionShop markets items on behalf of clients. Notable recent results include a solid gold Faberge vesta for £6,200 and a Nagra Iic tape recorder for £1,650.

Simon Russell / Director / 17 November 2006 / Cheshire, UK



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Please browse our stock in any of our on-line shops:

When you are ready to buy, contact us for a bespoke invoice including delivery. Estimate a reduction of a little over 10% from our published prices.

Please feel free to call us on +44 1270 767158 for immediate attention.

Please note that this offer only applies where the item is purchased from - and delivered to - an address in a country that is not a part of the European Union, (Switzerland yes, Spain no for instance).