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iAuctionShop announces a new range of medication management devices available on amazon.co.uk

SANDBACH, CHESHIRE, UK / March 20 2007. iAuctionShop has begun the sale of an extensive range of sophisticated pill reminder and medication management products exclusively on amazon.co.uk.

iAuctionShop trading as R & S Collectables is offering a new range of medication management products initially to be made available exclusively in its Merchants@ top tier amazon.co.uk store.

The range covers simple weekly organisers through electronic countdown and storage units to highly sophisticated medication management reminders that allow up to five different precise alarms to be set per day with audible and visual alerts. This ability is especially useful to Parkinsonís disease patients as their medication must be taken at exact times in order to have the best benefit.

Other products to be stocked include innovative pillboxes with integrated cutters, crushers and drinking cups.

The full range can be at http://www.rscollect.co.uk/medication.htm from where the amazon.co.uk listings can be reached.

iAuctionShop Ltd trades as R & S Collectables listing about 5,000 product lines - mainly in the antiques, collectables and replacement tableware marketplaces, listing across several internet sales venues;






iAuctionShop was delighted to have recently been contacted by amazon.co.uk and invited to list in their top selling tier Merchants@ level. iAuctionShop also markets items on behalf of a large number of clients. Notable sales have been c£6,200 for a Faberge vesta case and c£2,000 for a historically important Nagra IIc tape recorder.

Simon Russell / Director / 20 March 2007 / Cheshire, UK




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