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iAuctionShop now offers free UK postage on its entire catalogue

SANDBACH, CHESHIRE, UK / May 22 2007. iAuctionShop now offers free UK postage and an equivalent reduction for international orders on its entire catalogue.

iAuctionShop trading as R & S Collectables offers free UK postage and handling on all items available from www.rscollect.co.uk and www.iauctionshop.co.uk. The offer is available until further notice and applies to the entire catalogue covering, for example:

Antiques http://www.rscollect.co.uk/antiques.htm

Books http://www.rscollect.co.uk/books.htm

Collectables - http://www.rscollect.co.uk/collectables.htm

Collector plates - http://www.rscollect.co.uk/collector%20plates.htm

Dolls & teddies - http://www.rscollect.co.uk/dolls%20and%20teddies.htm

Figures - http://www.rscollect.co.uk/figurines.htm

Home & garden - http://www.rscollect.co.uk/home%20%26%20garden.htm

Jewellery - http://www.rscollect.co.uk/jewellery.htm

Pottery - http://www.rscollect.co.uk/pottery.htm

Tableware - http://www.rscollect.co.uk/Tableware.htm

Toby & character jugs - http://www.rscollect.co.uk/toby%20jugs.htm

Toys & games - http://www.rscollect.co.uk/toys.htm

Customers interested in multiple items should contact iAuctionShop for a bespoke combined quote.

Other services include tax free shopping for customers outside the European Union and gift wrapping options that can be selected at checkout.

iAuctionShop Ltd trades as R & S Collectables listing about 5,000 product lines - mainly in the antiques, collectables and replacement tableware marketplaces, listing across several internet sales venues;






iAuctionShop also markets items on behalf of a large number of clients. Notable sales have been c6,200 for a Faberge vesta case and c2,000 for a historically important Nagra IIc tape recorder.

Simon Russell / Director / 22 May 2007 / Cheshire, UK



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