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iAuctionShop launches hand made Gambian jewellery in aid of Shine Africa

SANDBACH, CHESHIRE, UK / January 27th 2009. iAuctionShop Ltd announces a new piece of Gambian jewellery. A mosquito net will be donated via the Shine Africa charity for each one sold.

iAuctionShop Ltd has had a piece of hand crafted wood and 925 silver jewellery made in The Gambia. This is the first of a series to be produced by the skilled jeweller Abdoulie Jobe from the Senegambia area in the tiny republic of The Gambia in West Africa. Abdoulie gets his inspiration from traditional tools and other everyday objects that are still in use in The Gambia today. This first one is a traditional adze or hand axe, the handle being carved out of hard wood with the axe-head and collar being hand crafted out of 925 quality silver. Further details of this item may be found at http://www.iauctionshop.co.uk/african-pendant-hardwood-adze-with-silver-handcrafted-gambia-p-8215.html.

For each one that sells, iAuctionShop will donate one mosquito net for a child via the charity Shine Africa, (registered charity number 1103463). Over the years, and in addition to other excellent work that they do, Shine Africa have provided thousands of mosquito nets to children in The Gambia. Without a mosquito net the probability of a child reaching their 5th birthday, is 1 in 5, but with a mosquito net to keep them safe and making sure that it is replaced annually, the likelihood of a child dying from malaria is reduced to 1 in 100.

Further details of the excellent work that Shine Africa do in The Gambia may be found at http://www.rscollect.co.uk/Gambia/gambia_1.htm. Anyone who is interested in donating 3.50 for a mosquito net or 22 for an annual sponsorship of a nursery school age child can do so by calling 01270 767158 in the UK or +44 1270 767158, (outside the UK), or by visiting http://www.iauctionshop.co.uk/charity-c-288.html.  

iAuctionShop Ltd trades as R & S Collectables listing over 5,000 product lines at any one time - mainly in the antiques, collectables and replacement tableware marketplaces, although traditional toys and games, jewellery and home wares feature heavily in their catalogue. iAuctionShop lists across several internet sales venues;





Other services include tax-free shopping for customers outside the European Union and gift-wrapping options that can be selected at checkout.

iAuctionShop also markets items on behalf of a large number of clients. Notable sales have been c6,200 for a Faberge vesta case, c4,700 for a small collection of vintage Leica cameras and c2,000 for a historically important Nagra IIc tape recorder.

Simon Russell / Director / 27 January 2009 / Cheshire, UK


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