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iAuctionShop engaged by Client to offer Minton Turkish Embassy plate to market

SANDBACH, CHESHIRE, UK / Nov 28 2006. Following on from the success of iAuctionShop selling a solid gold Karl Faberge vesta case on behalf of a Client for c6.2K, another Client has engaged them to bring a Minton plate of historic importance to the market.

iAuctionShop trading as R & S Collectables has been engaged by a private Client to bring to the market a Minton plate of some historical importance. The 10 inch plate was purchased direct from the Minton museum and is an example of a pattern made for the Turkish Government Embassies around the world in 1954. The price per plate in 1956 was set at 225. At this time, the average annual income of a British adult citizen was around 150, (OU Press).

The plate is complete with all of its Minton Museum stickers and is in near mint condition. The hand tooling of the gilding to the rim and Turkish Crescent and Star is to the usual high Minton quality. The impressed, transfer printed and stickered information to the reverse includes a Museum exhibit label describing the plate together with a Minton stock label including the style number K154, dated 9 June 1956 

Further details may be found at http://www.rscollect.co.uk/antiques.htm#Turkish

iAuctionShop Ltd trades as R & S Collectables listing about 5,000 product lines - mainly in the antiques, collectables and replacement tableware marketplaces, listing across several internet sales venues;





Simon Russell / Director / 28 November 2006 / Cheshire, UK


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