As a private collector, you may need to make space for new acquisitions, or you might have lost interest in one area and want to liquidate your investment to concentrate on other areas. The trouble with dumping your collection at auction is unless there are two or more people fighting to win each item in the room or on-line at the exact moment that your lot goes up for sale, you will not achieve the best possible price. The internet is the gateway to millions of potential customers and this is where we make 90% of our sales.

Far better, unless you are in a hurry to realise your investment, to professionally photograph and list your items at their true value and present them to the world.

We can list across a number of platforms on your behalf, agreeing a profit split prior to us processing your items.

Selling venues include the following

We have a professional studio set up so that we can present your articles in the best manner. Our packing department employs skilled staff and uses new packing materials such as bubble wrap to ensure that the items arrive in superb condition.

We have large storage facilities but prefer to concentrate on easy to post items that weigh, in general, less than 2Kgs packaged. You are also welcome to bring your articles to us for us to photograph, weigh, measure and describe, and take them away with you so that you can continue to enjoy them at home whilst they are available for sale.

To register your interest, please complete the form here, email or telephone us.

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